Saturday, February 18, 2012

UPDATE! Basic Blackboard for BU (Spring I, Spring II, Summer 2012)

Many changes coming our way - but that doesn't mean we don't need a solid base of understanding as to where we are right now with Blackboard. Yes, BU will be moving "up" to Blackboard 9.1 in the Fall of 2012, but until then, getting a stronger sense of our current version (8. something), helps us all be able to serve our students better while making our "working lives" less stressful.

Please watch this video with the knowledge that you can always revisit it for refresher tips. No one can master everything after a single viewing of a training video, but you can gain a sense of what is possible and what is problematic.

This video is also viewable at the following url - but note that you will need to resize the window that pops up to make it "fit" on your computer screen: